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As a small town primarily run by volunteers, residents are encouraged to participate on various committees that maintain and improve the quality of life in Barnesville. The actions of these committees are reported at each Town Meeting. Committees typically operate through email communication, and sometimes via conference calls or meetings. If you are interested in joining any of the committees, please contact the town clerk via email.

Sustainability Committee

This committee was created in 2018 to pursue the town’s certification as a Sustainable Community through the Sustainable Maryland program. The committee organizes resources, activities and events to promote sound environmental stewardship of our area and to encourage a sustainable community identity for our “rural village.” Members generally meet once a month to report on and plan activities.

Event Committee

Barnesville may be tiny, but it has an active social life. We believe bringing people together is a way to foster community involvement and a strong sense of connection. From movies to square dancing to cooking competitions to Storytime to gingerbread decorating demonstrations, Barnesville provides activities for all ages.

In addition to an ever-changing calendar of activities, Barnesville hosts several recurring activities:

The Spring Potluck Dinner and Town Meeting has been a long-standing Barnesville tradition. Town residents and friends meet together to enjoy town-provided fried chicken and whatever goodies their neighbors have brought as potluck. This provides the background for an official town meeting.

Halloween is a fun time in Barnesville. Trick or treating is mostly only along Barnesville Road but the annual Lion’s Club party at St. Mary’s Pavilion adds plenty of fun and treats.

The year closes out with a Holiday Celebration including a round of caroling at the Town Tree followed by a light buffet at the Town Hall. Kids are rewarded with a visit from Santa and goody bags.

Winter Events 2020-2021

Barnesville welcomed the winter of 2020-2021 with a number of virtual activities. The town, together with the Monocacy Garden Club, hosted a virtual Winter Greens Arrangement demonstration. Other town residents put together a virtual holiday craft workshop and a gingerbread house making demonstration. The town hopes to start the new year with a biweekly “conversation” (details still being explored), a pizza-making demonstration, and a lecture series (still being finalized). We hope you will join us.

Beautification Committee

A small group of dedicated gardeners helps to keep the town’s public spaces looking fresh throughout the year.  They choose and plant flowers for the “Welcome to Barnesville” signs entering town, the area around town hall and Lillard’s Corner.  And they coordinate efforts to remove trash from along our streets. When they need to gather a larger group of volunteers for a particular workday, an email request will go out to the town.  If you have ideas about the town’s outdoor spaces, please think of joining the Beautification Committee.

Traffic Committee

The traffic committee was formed in 2016 by concerned citizens who wanted to address the impact of increasing speeding by through-traffic on our quality of life in Barnesville. In cooperation with the Commissioners, the committee has studied various traffic-calming methods, undertaken efforts such as lobbying the State Highway Administration for stop signs and crosswalks at our major intersections and has encouraged the town to hire off-duty patrols to enforce the speed limits inside town limits. The committee generally communicates via email.

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